Crystal Mast

Hobbies & Interests

Crystal Mast, hailing from New York, New York, is an accomplished executive and personal assistant with a wealth of professional experience. Beyond her outstanding professional achievements, Crystal’s enthusiasm extends to a diverse array of interests and hobbies, including but not limited to business, travel, skincare, fashion, literature, culinary arts, holidays, and a myriad of other pursuits.

In the early stages of her career, Crystal Mast assumed a significant role as an Executive/Personal Assistant to the Owner of Cactus Salon Corporation. During this tenure, she gained valuable experience handling the CEO’s demanding schedule, organizing domestic travel logistics, overseeing corporate events, and more. Following this, Crystal became the Executive Assistant to a Senior Partner at New York Life. 

In the ensuing years, Crystal Mast served as an Executive/Personal Assistant to top-tier CEOs in various organizations, including Impulsive Group and Axle Technology Group. In these positions, Crystal was responsible for delivering top-tier personal and executive assistance to CEOs, which included tasks such as overseeing personal and business expenditures and many other minor responsibilities.

Currently, Crystal Mast is an Executive Assistant and Purchasing Manager at Shoreline Construction, NY. In this multifaceted capacity, Crystal manages diverse responsibilities, from overseeing office operations to meticulous budget management, among other tasks. A significant part of her role involves serving as a gatekeeper for the CEO, necessitating her to screen phone calls correspondence, and manage various points of contact, a challenge well understood by anyone working in public-facing roles.

Crystal Mast‘s professional ambition is far from her only defining feature. She is a passionate woman who loves various hobbies and interests. Travel holds a special place in Crystal Mast’s heart as one of her greatest passions. She has a profound affection for exploring various countries and regions, particularly fondly for destinations graced by warmer climates. Her preferred getaways encompass places like Florida, Stuart, and Siesta Keys and the tropical paradises of Aruba and the Bahamas. Additionally, she has a deep appreciation for the scenic hiking trails on Long Island. Excitingly, Crystal is currently in the process of planning an upcoming European adventure.

Beyond her globe-trotting pursuits, Crystal Mast loves skincare, constantly seeking the latest self-care regimens to maintain a healthy and radiant glow. Fashion is a personal expression and fascination; she has an innate talent for curating stylish ensembles that leave an impression. Reading is her gateway to new worlds, with a book collection spanning genres and cultures. At the same time, her culinary expertise shines through her love for cooking and crafting delectable dishes that delight the palate. Her passion for holidays is infectious, as she revels in the joy and warmth of celebrations, making each occasion unforgettable. These hobbies showcase the multifaceted and vibrant personality that defines Crystal Mast.

Crystal Mast is known for her generous and compassionate nature. She actively participates in volunteer work with organizations like Wounded Warriors and extends her support to numerous charitable causes. In addition to her philanthropic endeavors, Crystal strongly advocates raising awareness, particularly regarding various aspects of self-care.

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